How to Manifest your Dream Life

You’re an ambitious, spiritual woman who’s accomplished some wonderful things in this life.

But there’s still this empty feeling.

You’re not sure why it’s there or what it is.

And maybe you think the stress and/or anxiety your feeling is normal or required to be successful.

Yes, it’s normal (your feelings are never wrong or “bad”) hehe but it’s not required.

If you’re longing to manifest your dream life that doesn’t only look good from the outside, but that actually FEELS good, then I’m writing this blog post for you.

Step One: Awareness

There’s no way around being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Successful people who also live a life that feels good (because, hey there are people out there who would be defined as successful with money but are miserable in their personal lives)…

People who live a life that they are fulfilled with have a practice of paying attention.

They sit and breathe. Maybe they meditate.

Maybe their meditation is a 6am swim at the gym.

Do SOMETHING that gives you the space to pause and pay attention to yourself.

Because you can’t create a path forward if you don’t already know where you are.

Google maps can’t give you directions if you’re not sharing your location with the app.

Step Two: Non-Judgement

Now that you’re noticing what’s coming up, the next step is not to judge it.

Keep yourself from getting lost in the story of it.

Your brain LOVES making up stories because it’s a meaning making machine.

But you don’t have to listen to those stories because most of them are LIES.

These first two steps combined make up compassion. Giving yourself compassion is so huge, life changing, and if you make it this far–celebrate yourself!! Too little people in this world are compassionate with themselves.

How can you give some of the compassion you give to others to YOURSELF?

Step Three: Clearing

Once you’re aware and not judging, a lot of clearing happens on it’s own. At least on the mental level.

But since I like to take things Quantum level deep… you have to clear from your body too.

For me, I worked on my confidence at just a mind level for years wonder why the f*ck I was thinking more positively but still feeling so terrified in my body. I learned how to act confident & seem confident to others but I wasn’t authentically confident.

So invite your body into your mindset work. Use breath, sound, and movement to move energy. If you want support with this, reach out to me about my mentorship.

Step Four: Write the Next Chapter

Now you’re a clean slate to create a new future. You’re no longer letting your past write your future for you. The author of your next chapter is no longer your limiting beliefs, it’s the new embodied you.

This is where vision boards, intention setting, goal setting, strategy, etc comes in. Most people skip right to this part ignoring the foundational elements of Self Compassion & Clearing and that’s why most people loose motivation.

I don’t want this for you.

Another mistake I see is people ditching their self awareness and compassion practices when things are going good or when work starts to get busy… which also kills your motivation (and authenticity)

Make intentions for yourself based on how you want to feel. This is powerful because you can always find a way to feel these emotions now, bringing your dream life to you faster.

Re-visit these intentions regularly. Remind yourself of them. Give yourself grace to change them but also the self leadership to follow through. Resistance can be tricky but there are ways to know when it’s resistance because of miss alignment or because of giving into limiting beliefs.

This is something I can help you with in my mentorship, Grounded Growth. If you’re resonating with this post I’d love to talk to you about it to see if Grounded Growth can help you.

Step Five: Aligned Action

The four steps I mentioned before this act as support pillars for aligned action. If you go straight to action, it might take longer to get to your destination (that’s how my journey went!)

When you move in this universe, you create momentum. Whether you get the outcome you wanted to or not, you’re still moving forward towards your dream life.

Why? Because action is how you learn. Books, courses, and coaches are great but without the aligned action to support your learning in these spaces…nothing happens.

You might make mistakes and that’s okay. This is where the self compassion piece comes back in. All of these steps work together in a wheel-like repeating system.

Why I’m Sharing This

You were born whole and complete in this life and society gave you all of these ideas of how you “should” be. Wouldn’t letting go of these outside opinions and following your heart feel so freeing?

This is what I believe life is all about. Remembering. Returning back home to your truth.

And this is the work I’m so passionate about. When I work with you, I help you become your OWN leader.

This journey of listening to your own truth is a journey I forgot when I started my business. I thought “I have no idea how to do this, let me consume EVERYTHING I can about starting an online business”

Learning has it’s place and it definitely helped BUT I got to a point where I was listening to too many outside voices that I was lost.

I didn’t know how to show up authentically and I wasn’t fulfilled with my Graphic Design business.

When I remembered the answers are within me and that this truth also applies to my business, everything changed.

My confidence sky rocketed, I created and sold masterclasses for the first time, I booked my first coaching clients, and I created so much alignment in my personal life and marriage.

If you’re missing the clarity, the confidence, and the motivation to create your dream life I want to help you.

Dive into the steps in this blog post, and if you want support in diving deeper, contact me about my 4 month 1:1 mentorship, Grounded Growth.

Sending you so much love



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